“An intriguing thriller based in a shady hidden world of cyber-hackers. Bryn writes alternative histories and is perplexed when he discovers his bank account emptied and computer wiped, a research trip takes him down a very unexpected path. Bryn appears at times to be somewhat naive, however that is part of his charm and is a nice foil against the crusading hackers and business sharks. This is a fairly slow burner, with each scenario adding a piece to the jigsaw. Robin Duval ensures the technology side of things is explained well and although there are times when it all seems slightly fantastical, it does feel as though this could be a reality. ‘Not Single Spies’ is an entertaining and enjoyable slice of fiction.”

Liz Robinson of Love Reading.

“I enjoyed Not Single Spies very much. I much admired the ingenuity of the plot and the way Duval kept the kettle boiling.”

Michael Green, author of The Art of Coarse Rugby and The Art of Coarse Acting.

“Ordinary people stumbling across murder victims are the basis of several very good crime fiction stories, and Duval manages to create a believable atmosphere that will hook your interest – what if something like this were to happen to you? Excellent.”

“The pace is unrelenting but it holds attention till the end. Meticulous research (places, cars, firearms, nerdy IT stuff) shows through… an accomplished thriller, intelligently delivered.”

“This is a fast moving, gripping story in which modern communications technology plays a significant role and reminds us that any of us who carry a smart phone or similar device can be located at any time anywhere in the world and the messages we send traced historically. This drama of concerned activists plotting to destroy big business tycoons who make money from industries that adversely affect the ecology of the planet is thoroughly researched, technologically bang up to the minute and with an underlying love story that humanises it. It is a novel of today.”

Reviews from Books Monthly and Amazon UK.