Robin Duval is the author of three published thrillers.

Robin’s new book, Not Single Spies, has just been released and is now available on Amazon.

Bear in the Woods (2010) and Below the Thunder (2013), are available on Kindle and in print from leading online book sellers.

Three things you might want to know about Robin Duval

Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewell

Whilst working for advertising agency J Walter Thompson in the 1960s Robin produced the ads that brought Mr Kipling to the masses. After extensive sampling he can no longer eat Mr Kipling’s cakes, however exceedingly good they are.

Robin Duval was executive producer of Charley Says

Robin was executive producer of the classic Charley Says series of public information films and even provided some of the early test vocals.

Robin Duval approved the release of the Exorcist

As Director of the BBFC Robin approved the video release of seminal horror The Exorcist after 25 years of controversy.